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About Us

Spick & Span Quality Cleaning Services

Serving the Saint Mary, Maryland 2015


We offer the best service in the cleaning area, with competitive prices and indisputable quality, offering cleaning services in different modalities, such as after-patties, removals, folder cleaning, household furniture and our special deep clean. 

We offer service quotas according to the client's needs, breaking all the schemes in the service area of houses, businesses and other activities according to the requirements of our clients, and with the new inclusion of construction cleaning that needs to remove all the waste and leave the area completely clean.

Our satisfaction is to serve complying with the highest standards of the industry, with the commitment of the total satisfaction of our clients, and with the north of meeting the expectations using the appropriate materials in the assigned task, with a trained workforce to perform the tasks that is assigned.


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“Excellent service and attention to detail in cleaning my office. I am satisfied with the work done by the cleaning team at Sabrina's Cleaning.”


Lisa, Bernal Heights

“Moving from the place where we live and leaving the apartment immaculate, that did not take a weight off our minds since everything went according to what we are expecting, total satisfaction..”


Mary & Andrew, Noe Valley

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